Gift vouchers

Any climbing course can be purchased in a voucher form.

It is very simple:

  1. Select a relevant climbing course.
  2. Pay the course fee.
  3. Receive the voucher.

The voucher holder will find all necessary information on the voucher, i.e. a type of course and contact details.

The course fee can be paid directly at Ruzyně Climbing Centre during opening hours (cash only) or transferred to our bank account. It that case you will receiver your voucher via mail. Voucher validity, i.e. the time period within which the indoor course or session is to take place, is 6 months commencing on the day of purchase. Vouchers for outdoor courses are valid for a year.

A voucher for a climbing course can be joined with a voucher for climbing equipment from our on-site shop.

created by Kaminek