About us

Our climbing courses are suitable especially for beginners with no climbing experience so far. The course participants can safely try and experience the feeling of this unique and fantastic sport under the supervision of our instructors. Besides that, the courses are focused on those, who have already climbed in the past and now would like to refresh and improve skills. 

The courses can be attended by individuals, groups or the whole families. The youngest ones should be at least 4 years old. For the kids, we organize also parties or birthday parties

The wall where the courses are organized is located in Prague, Ruzyně. Depending on weather, it is possible to choose between outside or inside wall

There is also boulder, gym and 10 meters long slackline for use. There is also another special boulder and a trampoline for those who are not members and for young climbers, both placed outside. 

All of the courses and sessions are supervised by our professional certificated instructors with long-time experiences. Several hundreds of contented climbers have completed our courses since 2000. 


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