Courses location

>> Indoor climbing courses

Out indoor courses take place at our climbing centre in Praha Ruzyně. According to the current weather conditions we climb on our indoor or outdoor climbing wall.


Address: Ztracená 1132/1, Praha 6 - Ruzyně, PSČ 160 00 (Mapy.CZ)

GPS coordinates (parking): 50°4'53.665"N, 14°18'33.150"E


>> Outdoor climbing courses

Our outdoor courses usually take place in Srbsko near Beroun (former limestone quarry in Czech Karst) and in Kamýk nad Vltavou (Vltava granite region), which we also recommend and prefer as the most suitable sites.

Should your group insist on a different region (in case of a 1-day course or a different climbing programme), i.e. at your cottage or at a place your company conference is organized, we are able to prepare and carry out the programme there as well.

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